How to Participate

How to participate in STYLIKE

Register to Stylike

You can register for STYLIKE with your E-mail address after downloading the application on your device. You will be given a verification code that you must enter in order to use the app.
Transfer BNB to your In-app Wallet Transfer BNB to your in-app wallet to buy NFTs in the Marketplace and remember to always keep some BNB as gas fee in your Wallet.
Purchase an NFT Head over to the in-app Marketplace and pick any NFT! You can use the Filter tool to look for the NFT of your Choice. Ensure you have enough in your wallet for the purchase.
Congratulations! You are ready. check out this article on our Medium to get a clear idea of how you can get better scores https://medium.com/@stylike.io/how-to-take-good-stylike-photos-491daaee3652