STYLIKE Whitepaper


This page will help you answer any questions you may have about Stylike NFTs.
These are 8 different Stylike NFTs
Stylike NFTs are shaped like cameras, that's because we want you to earn with your Style.
NFTs on Stylike are in 8 different categories. Here is the list of NFTs.
  • Pictomera
  • Diadora
  • Mozitera
  • Vistera
  • Stamera
  • Oblera
  • Toxera
  • Contera
Each one of them has different attributes and earning systems. Search through them, pick your favorite one, Buy your NFT and start your journey on Stylike. Now we arrive at the attributes of NFTs and the usage of each feature. • Battery: Each Tournament in which users participate will consume Batteries. • Negative Film: Every photo that users upload will consume Negative Film. a Negative film is a Shutter count. • Damage: This attribute is directly related to users' referral system.
Now that you are familiar with different NFTs and attributes, you have more idea of which NFT you would buy into and how to participate with each of them in various tournaments.
The first 1000 NFTs are for pre-sale. Once these are sold, the pre-sale will end.
NFTs Contract Address: 0x3A28C3D7f67F42bF27Bc464e2C3BEC7d6AFD978b​
The most Stylish way to earn money