STYLIKE Whitepaper

Welcome to STYLIKE!

Welcome to the STYLIKE Whitepaper! Here you'll find everything you'd need to know about the STYLIKE.
Stylike is a Web 3.0 Fashion app backed by FTVIO in which people get rewarded based on their Fashion content.
With the evolution of social media, fashion has also grown and evolved into something that allows people to express themselves limitlessly in the scene.
Fashion plays a multi-purpose role in our lives by having the ability to change and shape perspectives on its way.
Every day people are dressing up and finding different ways of expressing themselves fashionably, whether it’s for an image on social media or their outfit for the day, people put in a lot of effort which isn’t always acknowledged. At Stylike not only do we value fashion, but have come together to build a platform that fashionistas can use to make an income.
​Stylike was created with the idea of connecting its users to the world of fashion and our ambition is to reward those who strive to maintain their fashion sense.
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