STYLIKE’s Sustainability Plan

First of all, Stylike’s revenue-sharing plan is not based on rewarding current players by getting new players, rather Stylike’s revenue model is based on being supported by external contributions.

1- Funding and Backed by FASHION TV

STYLIKE is the first ever web 3.0 Fashion App backed and funded by Fashion TV. Fashion TV is an International Fashion and Lifestyle broadcasting television channel. Founded in France in 1997 and in the last 25 years it has gathered its reputation and honor.

2- Brand and Sponsor Collaborations

STYLIKE’s plan for investing money into the game is collaborating with brands and getting sponsorships as the fashion industry is a never-ending thing. When sponsors and brands associate with any business, their positive image and identity benefit the project and its users lend them credibility and increase project awareness. The main purpose of brand awareness is to generate preference in the mind of the consumer, increase customer loyalty and also help the sustainability of the project.

3- In-App Advertisement Model

Last but not least, this model of pumping money into the STYLIKE project is similar to how big brands advertise at large football stadiums. This is the outside money coming into STYLIKE and it’s not from lower-skilled players and it’s also not from the hope of speculative investors making money. In fact, it is an actual business model.